Buffalo: A Forgotten City

Just watched a powerful documentary about Buffalo and Buffalo’s East Side. Some of you may have seen it before, but if not, I highly recommend checking it out. The story being told in the video kind of reminds me of the Bronx in the 90s, when there was a high drug and crime rate. Is the solution to the East Sides demise jobs? education? community? hope? Or is it a combination of these factors? 

Why did I post this video? Why show the bad side? I believe that seeing, experiencing, and showing every side of Buffalo is why I started this blog. I have definitely seen and experienced the good parts of Buffalo and I have seen and experience some not so good. 

ALERT the video contains strong language and images . The video was retrieved from http://video.artvoice.com/artvoicetv.php?permalink=0000001295.

What are your thoughts?

The Building that Was!

On a recent walk on Richmond I noticed a great brick building face, but the interior and back was gone. The building that was is currently being turning into an apartment building and that cool tower piece is being converted into a elevator shaft. Unfortunately the one worker that was doing some gravel work did not know what the building was before - does anyone know? Its on Richmond Ave by Jersey Street. I’ll give an update with the exact location. 

UPDATE 1/12/12 (2:34PM): Thank @RustBeltThreads for the information. Check out this link @RustBeltThreads provided from the #ArtVoice http://artvoice.com/issues/v7n25/white_brothers_video. Who knew this building had such controversy.