Photowalk in Cleveland another Rust Belt City
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Photowalk in Cleveland another Rust Belt City

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You’ve got mail!@nycgoes2bflo —-

You’ve got mail!
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Awesome photo taken by scaena

Awesome photo taken by scaena

(via scaena)

Now thats a green house

Now thats a green house

It feels good to be back! 

Finally returned to Buffalo and started unpacking in my new place in Allentown. Already tried some new restaurants and cafes that I have not been visited and will be reviewing them shortly. Since this is the last year of my graduate program, I now have less than 270 days in Buffalo…unless it becomes my new home.

Spent a few minutes on the Observation Deck at City Hall re-familiarizing myself with Buffalo’s layout. What do you all think?

A school that once grew minds now grows weeds.

Right across from MLK park, gorgeous architecture, and just plain cool looking. Anyone knows if there are talks of using this building for something?

Found another house that I would consider living in!

Notre-Dame Basilica (Basilique Notre-Dame de Montréal)

Mass was occurring at the time so we were not allowed inside.

Doesn’t this building look like Buffalo’s City Hall?

We were walking through Old Montreal and came upon this building that we all thought looks like Buffalo’s City Hall. They are both art deco architecture so it makes sense. What you all think?

Walking around Montreal

The layout of the city is designed similar to other European cities. The roads are narrow, many are may of cobblestone, and the houses/apartments are packed tightly together. In my viewpoint, the city is gorgeous. It blows my mind that just 6 hrs away from the States is a francophone city (Meaning the people speak French). The compact nature of the city makes it feel like a community where people are from many different parts of the world.

It was great walking around and hearing only French being spoken throughout the city. While most people were able to communicate in English when asked, a good portion spoke little to no English. The way of life is also very European. People are kinder and there is a strong communal mentality as a opposed to individualistic. However, this could just be the people I met and the parts that I saw. The pictures above are from my walks around the city. Things I did in Montreal:

1. Atwater Market

2. Jean-Talon Market

3. Underground Mall

4. Old Montreal

5. Poutines

6. Mount Royal

7. Jean-Drapeau Park

8. Biosphere

9. Visited a Sustainable House

10. Explored downtown Montreal

11. Visited McGill University

12. The Notre-Dame Basilica

13. Chinatown