Cantina Loco or Cant Wait an Hour to Eat 

Finally tried Cantina Loco due to a friend’s strong influence. As most of you heard, trying to get into this place during the weekend is a nightmare without a reservation. When we arrived, without a reservation, we had to put our names down and wait for one hour and thirty minutes. The place was packed with young professionals (beautiful people) drinking by the bar, waiting for a table, or chopping down on burritos.

Instead of waiting at Cantina for our table we headed over to Hardware for a couple of drinks. As always, I love the ambiance of Hardware especially when they are playing Motown hits that make a cocktail taste even sweeter. Enjoying ourselves and making small talk with the waiter we informed him that we were waiting to eat at Cantina. He said that seems to be the regular story. Many people waiting for Cantina head to Hardware and realize that Hardware has steak tacos too; as a result, Cantina looses customers. 

Again, due to my friends influence we still went to Cantina (sorry Hardware I’m sure your steak tacos are awesome). When we returned to Cantina for our table we had to wait an extra 5 minutes (I say 10 but my friend assures me it was 5). The kind host (I believe his name was Robert) brought us to our table and had a server greet us immediately. As per a friend’s recommendation we ordered Koreatown Tacos, rice, beans, and a Margarita pitcher.

Don’t know if it was the Magaritas and the drinks earlier or the fact that I was in a better mood, but the food was AMAZING. The Koreatown taco was top notch because it had just the right mix of spice and sweetness to it making me want to order another. Yet, the rice and beans was so filling and tasty that it made me wonder why beans in every Mexican restaurant didnt taste so good. We must have looked like two people that haven’t eaten in days the way we devoured our meal, so it was very good. Our server was very attentive and while there were many people in the restaurant making it noisy, it did not ruin our dining experience. 

Is it worth the wait? I would say once - maybe. The reason I say that is because our food was very good but an hour and forty minute wait is just ridiculous. Also I only tried three items on the menu so I do not know how the meals compare. I am happy I waited and tried the Koreatown tacos and will be more than willing to order it again - for takeout. 

If you want to visit Cantina Loco check them at at 191 Allen Street  Buffalo, NY 14201