Grandma Morra I wish I came here 100yrs ago!

Went to a medium sized mexican restaurant on Hertal Ave called Grandma Morra’s, and I have to say I was not pleased. According to the menu, Grandma Morra’s is over 100 years old and was established by the Morra family. I really wish I could have had the food 100 years ago, because what we had last night was not authentic Mexican. The decor of the restaurant was nice, but it went south with the chips and salsa. The salsa was not salsa, but instead marinara sauce and some “salsa.” Then the music, while I love Adele, I do not want to hear her entire album in an “authentic Mexican” restaurant. Moreover, they did not have any habanero sauce! 

My favorite meal when I go to a Mexican restaurant is Chicken Chimichanga with frijoles…granted chimichanga is not an authentic Mexican dish. However, I have had some realllllllllllyyyyy good Chimigangas and the one I had at Grandma Morra’s was not. The chicken was definitely canned cube chicken. The chimi was not covered in the yummy cheesy delight, and there was not flavor. I went with three other people and they voiced that their meals were relatively okay, but not really Mexican.

This is the first restaurant that I am not going to recommend and I was really excited about going. If you still want to check it out the address is 1465 Hertel Ave, Buffalo, NY. Hertel Ave is an awesome strip either way so make sure to walk around.